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In the midst of this pandemic you realize that working 9-5 no longer provides security or maybe you are just scared to take a leap. Well no worries. A new business venture, like a new house, starts with a solid foundation. The critical first step of establishing a business begins by defining a clear separation of business and personal affairs through establishing a legal entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability company, to protect your own assets from your business’ liabilities. The Clervaud Firm will help you ease your stress. Our services include:

  1. LLC Formation

  2. Partnership Formation

  3. Corporation Formation

  4. Operating Agreement

  5. Partnership Agreement

  6. Bylaws Drafting

  7. Acquiring Tax ID number

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Intellectual Property

Just imagine you created a song, movie, wrote a book or better yet a word, phrase, symbol or device you established for a new business and just like that someone used your song, your book, your phrase, your logo and profited from it because you failed to protect your business and your brand. Copyright protects original artistic works like photos, books, movies, songs, and paintings. Trademark protects a word, phrase, symbol or device used in commerce to identify and distinguish one product from another. The Clervaud Firm will help you protect your business and brand. Our services include:

  1. Trademark Analysis, Search & Registration

  2. Trademark cease & desist 

  3. Copyright Assignment Agreements & Copyright Registration

  4. Copyright cease & desist Letters

Contract Drafting & Review ​

The usefulness of contracts are critical when operating your business. In the days of the Rat Pack, a handshake and oral promise were sufficient. However, today contract drafting for individuals, other companies, contractors and employees is a necessity and vital to protect your business. Do not worry. Let The Clervaud Firm handle the drafting for you. Our services include:

  1. LLC operating Agreement Contract

  2. Independent Contractor Contract

  3. Client Agreement Contract

  4. Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement Contract